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Presenting an insight-driven digital marketing podcast to up your skills. Join us as we delve into the success stories of marketing leaders who made it big in the field of Digital Growth, SEO, Content Marketing, Business Development, Analytics, Research, Paid Ads, Social media marketing, lead generation and many more.

Join host, Kaushal Thakkar (Founder - Infidigit) as he interviews marketing leaders and uncovers the tried and tested strategies that have played a pivotal role in the growth of a business/brand.
Discover how marketing leaders embrace the ever-evolving digital marketing channels to achieve their business goals or overcome challenges.

Explore new strategies and combine them with your own learnings to create a growth story for yourself.
Drop us an email on growthgenius@infidigit.com if you have a growth story to share with the world.

August 19, 2020

App’s Growth and its Future in India - Rajat Srivastava | Ep. #7

In episode #7, Google India’s app marketing solutions manager, Rajat Srivastava, will talk about the future of apps in India and how one can take advantage of them to grow their business. Rajat also discusses his work in digital marketing, attribution, and category management domains with our host, and the founder and managing director of Infidigit, Kaushal Thakkar


Let’s join today's Growth Genius, and find out the importance of developing apps and marketing them for the growth of a business.


Genius, Rajat Srivastava



Host, Kaushal Thakkar


August 12, 2020

Google Analytics Implementation and Attribution Challenges - Kiran Kurnool | Ep. #6

In episode #6, the marketing specialist genius, Kiran Kurnool, shares his insights about the right way to implement and attribute Google Analytics into your website. He will talk about how Google Analytics allows you to measure the results of individual campaigns in real-time, compare the data to previous periods, and so much more. Our host, the founder and managing director of Infidigit, Kaushal Thakkar, shall discuss with Kiran about the do’s and don'ts about Google Analytics and how it impacts your business. So, without further ado, let us begin with today’s informative episode with Kiran Kurnool.


Genius, Kiran Kurnool



Host, Kaushal Thakkar


August 5, 2020

Advanced Twitter Marketing Techniques - Amit Panchal | Ep. #5


In episode #5, the social media marketing genius, Amit Panchal will decode some of the tips and tricks that could help agencies and companies to grow not only on Twitter but also on different social media platforms.

Our host and the founder and managing director of Infidigit, Kaushal Thakkar, will talk about Amit's 12+ years of experience in the world of social media marketing and how he helped businesses create exceptional branding and marketing solutions with AmitPanchal.com. So, let’s find out what today’s genius Amit Panchal has in store for us. 

Show Notes:

You can follow these geniuses from the digital marketing and SEO industry that could help you in growing your business:

Genius, Amit Panchal


Mobile Number: 9328265452

Host, Kaushal Thakkar


July 30, 2020

Knowledge Exchange: The State of SEO - Kaushal Thakkar | Ep. #4

In episode #4, the founder and managing director of Infidigit, Kaushal Thakkar, will be on the hot seat. He will discuss the importance of SEO, his journey in becoming an SEO expert, the reason why he founded Infidigit and started “The Growth Genius Podcast” series. Kaushal will be interviewed by Infidigit’s senior manager of digital marketing, Hiten Sanghani. So, let us find Kaushal's insights on the world of digital marketing and SEO and the origins of Infidigit in this bonus episode.


Expert, Kaushal Thakkar



Host, Hiten Sanghani


July 22, 2020

Role of Content in Marketing & SEO - Divya Shrivastava | Ep. #3

In episode #3, Growth Genius, Divya Shrivastava, will talk about the importance of content in the world of marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). She will share her experience of working as a marketing consultant and her achievements in successfully creating marketing campaigns for brands, such as Myntra, TataCLiQ, Diageo, and Unilever. So, join Divya and our Host and founder of Infidigit, Kaushal Thakkar, as they decode the role of good content and how you can rank your websites higher on SERPs.


Contact Information:


Guest, Divya Shrivastava



Host, Kaushal Thakkar


July 15, 2020

Create Growth Via Facebook Ads with Manik Singla | Ep. #2

In episode #2, we will discuss with digital marketer Manik Singla on how to effectively promote a brand and business on the social media platform - Facebook. With his immense knowledge about the digital marketing industry, Manik shares some valuable tips and dos and don'ts about promoting your brand and business through Facebook Ads. This episode will help you in acquiring new customers and building better brand awareness on the internet


Contact Information:

Guest, Manik Singla



Host, Kaushal Thakkar


July 8, 2020

Create Growth Via SEO with Pinaki Chakraborty | Ep. #1

In episode #1, we will be talking to the digital marketer and growth hacker Pinaki Chakraborty who shares his insights about creating organic growth for business via Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 


As we all know SEO has become an essential part of ranking websites and webpages higher on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). So, prepare your notepad and note down some amazing tips and tricks that Pinaki had to say about how he successfully managed to grow Schneider Electric with SEO.


You can also listen to this podcast on - https://www.infidigit.com/growth-genius/create-growth-via-seo/


Some Questions which Kaushal Asked to Pinaki:

  1. 3:51 - What is SEO?
  2. 5:26 - Basic SEO Activities that you should perform on your website?
  3. 7:24 - What is On-Page SEO?
  4. 8:59 - What is Off-Page SEO?
  5. 10:31 - Top three parameters in SEO that help in creating growth
  6. 20:37 - Role of backlinks to increase the rankings of the website?


Contact Information:


Guest, Pinaki Chakraborty 



Host, Kaushal Thakkar